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Program Support Materials

Plans For You, Inc. offers products, support materials and free consulting to help in conducting successful fundraising activities for pro-life organizations.

Custom Designed Baby Bottles
These custom designed bottles are the backbone of the Baby Bottle Boomerang. The program is an effective fundraiser and development program used primarily in churches and other faith-based organizations which are likely to support the ministry of pro-life organizations. The program is not only a very productive fundraiser, but it is highly effective in beginning or growing relationships with the church community. Plans For You, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the God’s Gift bottle designed specifically for pro-life fundraising and educational programs.

The 9 oz. bottles are packaged 200 per carton. The normal return for one carton of bottles (200) the first time the program is done is approximately $2,100 based on our experience in having worked with over 1,400 pro-life organizations. The average amount raised from one box of 200 bottles, when used repeatedly until all bottles are depleted, is generally about $5,100.

Our new Baby Bottle Boomerang Instruction Manual has detailed program instructions with all the information you need to plan and conduct a successful program. There is no charge for additional consultation. We are willing to spend whatever time it takes to help you accomplish your goals in conducting the program. Simply call or e-mail, and we will respond to any requests as soon as possible. See what our clients have said about their own successful Baby Bottle Boomerang programs or start your own program today!

Custom Designed Bottle Banks
The bottle banks are a complement to the small bottle campaigns. One carton contains 24 bottles. They are effective in businesses, schools, and small organizations, etc.., where it may not be practical to distribute larger quantities of bottles. The bottles are 14” high and 4 ¼” in diameter (approximately the size of a two liter soft drink bottle.) The price includes personalized labels to affix to the paper label that comes on the bottle. Paper labels may be removed which allows you to affix your own label if desired.

Honor Cards For Pregnancy Care Centers
When someone wishers to honor a loved one or friend with their gift to your Baby Bottle Boomerang program, you may give them that opportunity on the bottle insert form. Then, send a card to the person being honored. They are truly honored, and you may introduce someone new to your ministry. The opportunity to honor someone with a LIFE gift may motivate some to give who otherwise may have no interest, and honor gifts generally seem to be somewhat higher than others. The 4’ x 6” honor cards are sold in multiples of 50 with the mailing envelope.


Additional Support Products

Program Posters
The posters are provided for placement on bulletin boards and other high traffic areas to help promote your fundraising program. You can download a sample copy.

Church Bulletin Inserts
These inserts are a perfect way to let church congregations know about your fundraising program. They are designed to fit inside standard church bulletins. You can download a sample copy. We’ve also left additional room for you to print your own information on the reverse side of the insert.

Coffee Mugs
The logo mugs are the perfect gift for pastors or church leaders when the program is presented or introduced for the first time.

Program Instruction Manual
A complete guide to conducting a successful program.

Baby Bottle Boomerang Tote Bags
The bags make an excellent gift that the pastors, church secretaries and church liaisons will appreciate and remember.

Please contact us for specific information on any of the products above or to start your own program today! Be sure to check our Special Fundraising Offers page for information about limited time savings and other promotions.

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